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An appeal: You know very well taht we are giving tireless effort to resolve our basic issues. In this context we made an appeal to every member to donate generously for fighting fund


  An appeal: You know very well that we are giving tireless effort to resolve our basic issues. We made an appeal to every member to donate generously for     fighting fund

      1         Updated on 27-08-2016

                       WHY AIBSNLOA IN THE ENSUING REFERENDUM !!!!!!


                  There was a time when there was none to raise the voice of BSNL executives and to focus             real issues before the administration. This has given birth of AIBSNLOA. Since its inception we           continued to take up various development issues / activities before the administration at various           levels as we thought the vary survival of our company was the need of the hour viz a viz                       addressing important HR related issues. 

                   I) Our stand regarding PRC was appreciated by the PMO and forwarded to DOT                         immediately, first time in the history of BSNL    See letter of CHQ, Letter of PMO    

                       II) We have persuaded our long pending issue for extending the fitment benefits of 78.2% since             implementation of 2nd PRC. At that time all other associations was totally ignorance on this issue.                 See letter . BSNL issued order on 13-06-2013 stating that "All allowances shall continue to be                 paid at IDA  basic pay with 68.8% fitment till further order". We protested immediately                       stating  that it was violating the DPE guidelines and even contradicting the DOT's Presidential             order  dated 10-06-2013 and requested to review the decision and allow all allowances with the             fitment of 78.2% with retrospective effect. But other Associations who signed the agreement                 with BSNL  on 2012 did never raised any voice on this issue. Now BSNL CO reviewed                          payment order issued allowing allowances with 78.2% benefits but w.e.f 01-10-2016. But this is            not any achievement because we have lost our rightful claims for about nine years.

                    III) Other Associations had no role at that point of time. Now-a-days these organisation               are trying to take advantage of the situation deviating from their actual demand. It was wrong             perception on their parts.  

                    IV) E2-E6 Scales : Our consistent stand since pay scales were granted to BSNL                           Executives on 05-03-2016 is E2toE6 in place of E1 to E5. While other associations has no clear             vision on this issue earlier.They demanded early only E1A and E2A scale replacement in spite              of having  clear instruction of DPE  on intermediary scale. Now they demanded only replacement          of E2 and E3 instead of E1 and E2 scale which will definitely take it the Court as there is no                  clear view on existing E3 scale. Further anomaly will create among SDEs and Sr SDEs. Finally             Management committee recommended our proposal to  DOT for approval. It is proved that                 when we believe something is right and justified we need to stand committed to that stand                     without oscillation. Unfortunately DOT not recommended. On our part we believe that it is                   entirely responsibility of CMD/BSNL to get his proposal approved by DOT without any dilution           of it  by seeking re-examination of the issue.  We will fix our strategy accordingly.        

                       V) In CTD and West Bengal Telecom circle, we took several issues to the                             administration for executives. AIBSNLOA  is the only association who took various                   plans and activities for  the development of BSNL. AIBSNLOA fight for each and every             member at any level.                  

                                                      Will Continue.


Our 1st AGB of South Bengal Zone will be held on 21-09-2016 at CTO, TI Hall, Kolkata at 1300 hrs. All members of South Bengal Zone are requested to attend the meeting possitively

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UPDATED  ON 12-08-2016

1    2nd SEC meet was held on 05th August 2016 at Lalkuthi Telephone Exchange,Barrackpore 24pgs. in a very cordial atmosphere. We took some important decisions in the meeting.


Update on  11-06-2016

1    THIRD PAY REVISION COMMITTEE APPOINTED  The decision of the Government on the recommendations of the committee will take effect from 1.1.2017

Update on  08-06-2016
Letter to GM/South/CTD


Formation of Progressive Alliance of Unions and associations of BSNL

1st General Body meeting of West Bengal Central Zone (AIBSNLOA) took place at Telphone Bhavan Canteen Hall on 25.08.2010. Strong  enthuaism was observed amongst the members. Wide aspect of discussion took place relating to development


General Body Meeting of North Suburban Zone is scheduled to be held on 28.08.2010 at Barrackpore Telephone Exchange. all members are cordially invited and  are requested to attend. 

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